5 Future Technologies that will change the world

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The world is changing rapidly, and technology plays a major role in this change. Think of how we have emerged from the last 2 decades because of technology and innovation. Think about how our world was before computers, technology, internet, smart devices and smartphones. And today the moment you wake up, to the moment you go back to sleep, technology is everywhere, it became a part of our day to day life.

With innovation and technology growing faster than ever before, the future of technology is even more fascinating than what is happening now. We’re just on the verge of a revolution (Fourth Industrial Revolution) that will touch every business and every life on this planet. Hence, in this post let’s know about 5 Future Technologies that will change the World.

Self Driving Cars

5 Future Technologies that will change the world_self driving car

Although experiments for automated driving systems have started in the late 20s and trill begins during 50s, but as of 2020, there is no official introduction of fully reliable self-driving Car.

Many of the tech giants made the announcement earlier regarding the availability of Self-driving cars on or before 2020. From General Motors to Google’s Waymo, from Toyota to Honda everyone claimed to be making self-driving cars by 2020. Even Elon Musk said that Tesla would do it by 2018. But no one was able to produce a 100% reliable and safe self-driving car by 2020.

Now the best part is, all these auto tech giants were investing a massive amount of time, money and manpower for testing, AI and R&D of their self-driving cars to make them 100% reliable. Google’s Waymo turns out to be a leader in this race, by producing 600+ Self Driving cars and driving them for more than 20 million miles. BMW comes as a second leader in this, by producing 140+ self-driving cars and driving them for more than 3 million miles.

According to a prediction, by 2026 Self-Driving Car will account for 10% of all cars in the US. That means by 2030, self-driving cars might be commonly available for public and this can be one of the top 5 Future Technologies that will change the World. Read more about Self Driving Cars…

Space tourism

5 Future Technologies that will change the world_space tourism

After Elon Musk’s SpaceX created history by becoming the first private rocket company to launch two American astronauts in orbit this Saturday (May 30), the dream of Space tourism is not far away.

SpaceX has signed an agreement with the U.S. based space tourism company called Space Adventures to send four passengers on an orbital trip in a Dragon space capsule. According to Space Adventure, the mission would last up to five days and could launch as early as late 2021.


5 Future Technologies that will change the world_Autonomous

With the rapid innovation and advancement in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robots, and Deep Learning, automation has moved quite ahead in the production lines. From remote sensing to delivery of the product boxes at the doors of the customers.

Today in 2020, automation robots can perform a lot of activities with minimum or zero human intervention. Automated technologies are not only executing iterative tasks but also augmenting workforce capabilities significantly.

With more R&D and innovation in the near future, automation is expected to break all technical barriers by replacing all the traditional and slow working culture to match the hyper-competitive ecosystem.

Massive Digital Presence

5 Future Technologies that will change the world_digital presence

Tech-giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are putting maximum effort ahead with various projects to connect remote parts of the world with the internet. They are presently coming up with various creative solutions to connect those people who don’t have access to the internet.

The efforts can already be seen from Facebook’s Internet.org is using drones to beam internet down to Earth from satellites and Google’s Project Loon is using giant gas balloons which float in the atmosphere to connect remote parts of the world.

According to Statistica, with over 0.56 billion internet users, India is the second-largest online market in the world, ranked only behind Communist China. According to various estimation, it’s being said by 2023, there would be over 0.65 billion internet users in India. As of 2020, the internet penetration rates in India stood at 50 per cent that was just 27 per cent five years ago.

With rapid infrastructure development for internet technology and people’s massive growing affection and interest for internet, by 2023 it is expected that 80 per cent of the earth population will have a digital presence.

Privacy will become Top Priority

5 Future Technologies that will change the world_privacy

From last few years privacy became a major concern for many people using all kind of digital devices and services starting from their Android application to Laptops. With examples of Chinese application and smart devices, many companies are accused of spying and taking sensitive personal data.

According to a survey among US adults, 81% of the participants feel they have very little to no control over the data that companies collect from their apps and smart devices. This is the reason users are freaked for their personal data that has been collected, sold, and used for years without their knowledge and understanding.

By 2030, we are going to see a major backlash among users who are tired of their tech products constantly spying on them. In that case, all the companies must provide a guarantee of privacy as a marketing tool to their user base. This will be one of the most concerned and important Future Technologies that will change the world.


We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which represents an essential change in the way we live, works and connected to each other. It is a new episode in human life, enabled by extraordinary technology and innovation corresponding with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions.

Fourth Industrial Revolution is a combination of advances in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Space Technology, 3D printing, genetic engineering, and other innovative technologies. All these 5 above Future technologies that will change the world is a significant part of this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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