No doubt Windows operating systems are extremely powerful and user-friendly operating systems. Windows 10 is highly customizable or I can say best in terms of customization. Over time different versions of windows are developed by Microsoft and the latest one is Windows 10. When it comes to customization then there are many themes and skins available online for windows 10. But most of them does not look cool so it is very important to choose the best. I know every one of us has a different taste but here I am sharing the Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 which are liked most by windows user.

Are you tired of your windows 10 default theme?

Are you looking for some change?

Let’s come with me on this journey to experience the Best themes for your windows 10 operating system.

Paranoid Android Windows 10 Themes

Paranoid Android

This amazing theme comes with the unique color combination that makes it the best for dark lovers. There are three variants in this theme that is nebula/ sweet/ lace. Each of these variants has different closing, minimizing and maximizing buttons that you can see in the image. It gives you some android type of feeling. Recently a big update is announced that is related to dark mode. Dark lovers must try this theme but I would suggest it to everyone just give it a try. What I liked most about this theme is its unique buttons with a fantastic color combination.

Download Paranoid Android Windows 10 Themes

macOS Mojave Dynamic Theme

macOS Mojave

You should go with this theme if you like macOS but can’t afford one. This theme provides you with the same interface as macOS. This theme also has a dark mode. Black and dark grey window should be good for photographers and creatives since it allows images and files to stand out.

Overall what I don’t like about this theme is it doesn’t replace the windows icon to macOS. ha..ha.. ha… I know it sounds funny but they should include this also.

Download macOS Mojave Dynamic Theme

Chill Forest – Nature Theme

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 ( Free )

Well if you are a nature lover then this theme is especially for you. What I like most about this theme is that it contain skins that automatically changes the wallpaper depending on the time of the day. These wallpapers are default but you can replace them with your own for Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. However, you can stop this feature if you want. This theme contains beautiful wallpapers that you should try if you are a true nature lover.

Download Chill Forest – Nature Theme

Windows XP Themes For Windows 10

Windows XP theme

After seeing this something comes in my mind that is Old Is Gold. So here is Windows XP Theme that refreshes our memories. So readers if you want the flavor of windows XP without losing the Microsoft updates than this theme is for you. Must try for all windows XP lovers. So go for it if you are a true windows XP lover.

The best thing about this theme is it has original Windows XP wallpapers.

Download Windows XP Theme For Windows 10

Paint 3D Creatures Windows 10 Theme

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 ( Free )

Are you ready for these friendly, colourful creatures to creep onto your desktop?. Well, this amazing theme is brought to you by Microsoft. This theme includes amazing artistic wallpapers with cool creatures. One cool fact about this theme is that its wallpaper creatures are made with Microsoft Paint 3D. So if you want to experience some new creatures then go for it. Or if you are a Microsoft fan then you should try this.

Get Paint 3D Creatures – Microsoft Store

Loveable Pugs Windows 10 Theme

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 ( Free )

As the name suggests this theme is for pug lovers or any dog lover. This theme has 15 images of cool pugs with wrinkled faces and curly tails. So if you want to bring some life into your dead desktop then go for it. These cute dogs look fantastic on your screen and give you an attractive desktop.

Get Lovable Pugs – Microsoft Store

Simplify 10

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 ( Free )

This theme is good if you don’t want any unnecessary design elements in your windows 10. As its name suggests simplify 10 windows theme looks quite normal. It shows minimal designs and gives your desktop a sleek look. Simplify 10 is available in three variants that are a light theme, a dark theme and a third variant named Maverick.

Download Simplify 10 Theme for Windows 10

Forest for the Trees

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 ( Free )

If you can’t go to the forest then bring the forest into your desktop ha..ha..ha.. just joking. But anyways this theme is for you if you are a greenery lover. By sitting in your chair experience the best nature scenes on your screen. This theme is best if you are searching for some good nature theme. So go for it if you are a nature lover.

Get Forest for the Trees – Microsoft Store

Polar Animals

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 ( Free )

This theme also comes from Microsoft with some cool wallpapers of polar animals. The theme is absolutely free for windows. The wallpaper includes Foxes, bunnies, bears and belugas that gives your desktop a fresh look. So go for it if you love snow.

Get Polar Animals – Microsoft Store

Star Wars Theme

Best Windows 10 Themes in 2021 ( Free )

Star wars loved by millions of people so the theme is especially for them. The theme has many action wallpapers that charge you up with energy.

Overall the theme is going to look fantastic on you screen.

Star Wars Windows 10 Theme

So here are the Best top 10 windows 10 themes that I searched for you. If you want to make the most out of these themes then please watch YouTube videos. Most of the users on YouTube are adding rain meter and weather forecast in these themes that makes them look wonderful. Do you know how to protect External hard Drives on Windows 10?


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