Networking is a way of electronically transferring data from one location to another location.

Let’s understand it better…

Have you ever seen some devices like these

I know, most of you are familiar with these. These are some of the devices that are used for establishing a communication channel between you and the entire world by forming a large network. Whenever your machine connects with another machine then it forms a network through which they can share the data with each other. It is same as when your computer connects with the computers that are all around the world and those computers also connected forming a network.

But establishing a network takes time and efforts when there are such massive users that are connected through these devices that you just saw.

Let’s look at this simple telephone example:

Whenever you call someone you both are connected to each other. Where information is getting transferred electronically through wires. But this is simple communication, as I told you that establishing and maintaining a network is really a tough job so we need some kind of devices that will make it simpler to some extent. These devices are routers, switches, hubs and lot more that I will explain to you in my other articles.

Do you know that you are now connected with a network, so how it is working? well, there are a lot of things that are going on when you are reading this blog.
When you opened up your browser and searched for then this query will traveled across the network and returned by taking the homepage of Google and displayed that to you in your browser. Maybe it sounds so simple but it’s not.

So, data networking or networking is nothing but transferring data from one device to other may be in the same room connected with any network like with the same wifi or the person who is connected to a network sitting at some corner of the earth.

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